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2.0 Shameless in Song

Twisting the Morning Sunlight

Revision Yang
23 June 1984

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It has been a long few years. I am nowhere near where I need to be, but I like where I am traveling through, at least for the most part.

There is a large amount of stuff here now. The cardinal rules are in a list further down. Please read them if nothing else.

It should take only a moment of looking at my journal to decide whether or not you wish to make my online acquaintance. Within seconds, you will notice the shielded disjointed way I often talk. Sometimes, my entries have everything to do with what is going on at that exact time and have few details, or are detailed instead in separate entries. Sometimes, I go on rants. Sometimes I wax poetic or become overly political, and sometimes I am just silly or am writing for my own benefit. That pretty much explains the style of the journal. Sometimes I just have to type something to get it out of my head. Most of the time it is really strange, at that point.

Who am I? I'm me. Who I am may change on a daily basis. A few things will not. They are listed somewhere on my journal, and I may eventually link to that somewhere. I have a respect for free speech. If you are a friend or even if I don't know you, I fully expect you to speak your mind to me. That, however, does NOT mean that I have to listen. I also do not have to put up with anyone trying to change me. I am fully willing to listen to varied points of view and will engage in discussions with those who are willing to be civil about them. Anyone trying to bait me or harassing me will be ignored and, in extreme cases, may be banned from commenting. Just because I respect your rights does not mean I have to give mine up. Appearantly a lot of people have trouble with this concept. If you are one of these people, we may have problems.

I don't have to be your friend. Nothing at all obliges me to be a friend, companion, sounding board, mentor, helper, RP partner, or spell checker for you. If I chose to be any of these things, I have the right to change my mind if things alter. Sometimes it may be very personal, sometimes it might simply be due to lack of clicking. I do not have to be roped into any form of permanent relationship with anyone. You have every right to be hurt or upset if the friendship fails. But that will not guilt trip me into staying in any friendship or partnership that hurts me.

I RP. Sometimes. I may go months or years without doing so, which is why I tend to stick to freeform chats as opposed to organized RP. Of late, this has changed. I RP a great deal on WoW. Deal with it. There are many things in life that are much more important to me than RPing with anyone, including you. Some of these are (in no particular order) sleeping, eating, spending time with my S.O., having a life, reading, writing, art, music, working, projects, taking care of the cats, enjoying the outdoors, quiet contemplation, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, filling out paperwork, drafting new journal entries, and RPing with someone I am already involved in an RP with. I will not make a character just to be your character's significant other. I don't do sexual RPs with anyone I do not know and trust. I will not do one on one RPs until I have done other RPs with you. Sorry. There is no exception to this. If you are only friending me because of RP, then friend my RP journal instead of this one. (RP journal is now sort of dusty and in mothballs.)

I used to do art. Occasionally, I may still do a piece. I dunno. We shall see.

My internet connection is flakey and, at times, nonexistant. If I do not post for weeks, it doesn't mean I am gone. Sometimes life gets in the way. Please understand this. My blackberry helps me a bit, but not totally. Have to figure out how to text to lj...

I use horrid langauge. I curse and rant and rave. If you are language sensitive, this is not the right journal to be reading. I am not responsible for impressionable youth reading my journal. If their parents have a problem with them reading it, they can work things out as a family and leave me alone. The warning is right here. Kids shouldn't be reading my journal anyway. I tend to talk about boring things and politics. I tend not to even friend many people under the age of twenty, because they are, for the most part, annoying and troublesome.

I believe that people have the right to free speech. I don't believe anyone has the right to force their views on another. If I find anyone I am friends with to be doing so to anyone, that is grounds for immediate termination of the friendship. This is not personal. This is to protect me from high blood pressure.

I have a husband. (Wow, this thing needed updated. Nearly our first anniversary and it still said fiancé.) I don't want a romantic relationship with anyone else unless I start things. Deal with it. People who attempt to try to win me or to get in my pants will be dealt with on a situation to situation basis. I don't want you. I don't care how good you think you look, smell, or whatever. Just take it for granted that I don't want you unless I say otherwise.

If you come onto my journal or those of my friends and stir up drama, if you attempt to sabotage friendships, if you only exist to cause mayhem, or if you in any way attempt to subvert my relationship with my husband, I will not only remove you as a friend, I will block you from commenting and make certain that everyone knows exactly why.

Let me restate: I do not want you.

Just because I rant doesn't mean I necessarily want advice. You are welcome to give it anyway, but just don't expect me to automatically follow it and thank you for such wonderful words of wisdom. If I decide to deal with things in a way different than what you have suggested, don't expect me to immediately change my mind when you so kindly point out how I am completely wrong in my approach and how you are so right. I respect advice given. That doesn't mean I have to take it.

I am stubborn to a fault. I wouldn't be alive otherwise. I will defend myself against attacks. Or I will ignore them.

If there are problems or disputes in our friendship, I will more than likely try to resolve them diplomatically and kindly. I will attempt to remain diplomatic as long as I can, but sometimes diplomacy doesn't work. In those cases, sometimes only a block from commenting is adequate. I don't have to be rational with you, though. Nothing makes me so. If I am having a bad day, I may explode at you. I will more than likely apologize and try to work things out later in this case. If you really upset me and do so repeatedly, there is a good chance I will explode at you, not apologize, and get on with my life.

If you are attempting to befriend me because you think you can change my life, change my views, or save my soul, you are wasting your time.

When I say something I post is open for debate or discussion, I don't appreciate a resounding nothing as a response. I realize that not everyone on my list likes to debate heavy topics or whatever. That is fine. But if you have a point of view, I really do encourage you to speak up.

If you don't know what I mean by a statement, please ask. I don't like trouble due to simple misunderstanding.

There is a possibility that we could share a massive number of interests, communicate smoothly with one another, have no issues that would cause us not to get along, and yet we would still not click. I cannot control that. If this is the case of why we do not get along, then it is not your fault and please do not take anything like that personally.

Just because I list something as an interest, it does not mean I know everything, or in some cases much more than nothing, about it. Sometimes I list things I want to learn more about as interests.

Just because I list something as an interest, it does not mean I want to talk about it all the time or even at a particular moment.

If it seems to me that the only time you interact with me is when you wish to whine at me or tell me I am wrong, I don't have to listen to you and will more than likely feel as though the friendship needs some reevaluation.

Just because your life is in crisis, it doesn't mean I have to put mine on hold. In most cases, you are someone I have never met somewhere out on the web. Some people are close enough that I will talk to them on the phone. I will console you and offer help if I can, but as soon as I log out or stop talking with you, I am reentering that thing called my own life and more than likely have a lot of my own stuff to deal with. If I put my life on hold everytime someone on the internet was in trouble, I would never do anything at all. People I know personally are somewhat exempt from this. If you are local, I will more than likely drop everything to come to the aid of a needing and deserving friend. This means that I would gladly come to the rescue if you were stranded with a flat tire and I could help. This does not mean that I would come bail you out of jail because you decided that it would be a good idea to urinate on a police officer. In fact, I would more than likely laugh at you at that point.

I write satire and draw political cartoons. This is fair warning. This is my only warning.

If you do something idiotic, stupid, or silly and you either tell me or you post about it, I will more than likely laugh.

I know that what I have written may make me sound harsh. I am really a rather nice person, but the kindness often gets me in trouble, or keeps me up at night. Anyway, take it or leave it. No one is forcing you to be my friend. ^-^

It is amazing how much of that is still the same. A few things have changed, though, so read through if you want. Rules are below.

This is the rule list. It is covered above for the most part. This is simply the shorter version.

- Don't come onto my journal and attempt to cause drama, to flame, to bait, to harass, or to change people not wishing to be changed.

- You are welcome to state your point of view. I respect you for doing so. That does not mean I have to listen, read, or agree with it.

- I am in no way required to friend you back

- Don't do illegal things on my journal. I don't, so there is no reason for you to.

- Though I RP, this doesn't obligate me to RP with you.

- I do art. This doesn't obligate me to do art for you.

- Silence on my journal doesn't mean I am gone for good.

- I curse and discuss subject matter that makes nuns cry. Stay away if this bothers you or if it bothers those in charge of you.

- Do not attempt to get me to date you or anything of the like. I do not want you.

- Do not expect me to behave how you want me to.

- Do not give out my contact info without my permission.

- Do not try to convert me.

- If you attempt to take advantage of our friendship or aquaintanceship, don't expect me to take it.

- I reserve the right to sever our friendship at any time. I won't do this without reason, however.

For those whose intentions are pure and good, welcome, and don't be afraid, I don't bite unless asked.

A further note: I may be gone for long periods of time. I will be back, please do not unfriend me because of this. It simply means that I am without access to the internet or am going through something unexpected irl. Alright, please work with me.

"Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. However, those who live in rock houses can throw all the stones they want."

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